Saturday, January 1, 2011

Santa Rosalia

Our time in Santa Rosalia is coming to a close. We have had a great look around and looked at some very cool sights. Some of the historical buildings were closed and we will try to come back so we can look at the museum. In the late 1860's, copper was discovered. 11 mines were originally operated. The Yaqui Indians serving time in the Guaymas prison were used to work the mines. With the Mexican copper exports to Europe increasing, the French entrepeneurs became interested and migrated to the area. Working with Mexican government in 1886, these business men had wood shipped from Oregon and BC and built homes, office building and railroad platforms. Rail tracks, cars and engines were shipped from Europe. By 1896, 52,000 tons of copper had been produced and by 1905, 366,000 tons of copper had been produced. As you see the pictures below, you can see the European influence in the architecture. Many buildings have been maintained and serve as government buildings.

Blake working in a local welding shop building davits for the dinghy

Yay for spanish speaking Irene!! They were able to get the measurements across to the good folks. The accuracy at this point was fairly important if the davit was to fit the boat!! Davit building itself?

Finished job, complete with a hanging boat

Iglesia Santa Barbara

Note the steel frame-work inside the church. Regular services are still held

An explanation of Iglesia Santa Barbara

One of our favorite stops; the local tortilleria!!!

The closed museum

Houses here in Santa Rosalia are very different from any where else on the Baja. Most home are built from cement and the roofs are generally made from thatch. In Santa Rosalia, though, wooden houses were built and many still remain.
All around the village there are mine artifacts

Town center

One of the many taco stands We did not eat here, but the food looked good when I walked by

These little stands are everywhere. Usually they are serving shredded beef tacos with lots delicious salsas and veggies

Reprovisioning for the next few days
As per request, this is what a 25 lb turkey looks once it has been deboned and reshaped to fit a rectangular pan!!


  1. Blake and Cathy!!!
    Im in Puerto Morales and supposed to fly back to Vancouver tomorrow but am planning on flying to you guys instead! I tried emailing you but it was sent back to me as a delivery failure. Please Call me!!!! I have to check out at 1145am tomorrow (January 9th). I will be heading to the airport around 1pm. I really really hope you are able to get a hold of me so I can spend another week here with you guys on your boat!! Im staying at a resort called NOW Jade. If you leave a message for me at the front desk I will get it when I check out so I know if I should fly to La Paz(Yay!) or to Vancouver(boo). The number for the front desk is +52 (998)872-8888.
    Praying to the universe that you guys call me tomorrow!!! :)
    All my love!

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