Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Isla Carmen and points south to La Paz

Hola everyone

It has been a couple of weeks since our last post, and we have covered a few miles since. Currently sitting in La Paz, we are doing some work on the boat in the Marina de la Paz boat yard. 10 days ago we bounced off a reef while we were rounding the south end of Isla Carmen on our way to Bahia Salinas. The feeling when we hit was like being in light fender bender; you feel a little startled but you know everything is okay. You just have to take it in to get the fender straightened!!

we have had different company come and go over the last couple of weeks, the pictures below shows everyone sharing the fun with us on the Nordic and the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. We love having the extra hands to sail the boat making the long trips a lot more entertaining.
After picking up Andrea from the La paz airport, her and I stopped at this roadside truck stop for and interesting meal. Our server spoke zero english and our spanish is only at about age 2. We ordered the first thing we recognized (no menus) as she spoke at about 100 miles an hour!! It all turned out okay; just one more travel experience!! Andrea at the "truck stop diner"
Andrea in front of the mission in Loreto

Birthday dinner with Jim and Linda at Domingos in Loreto. It was Linda's birthday. Luckily, these guys were around to entertain us with a few songs

Coming into Bahia Salinas, Isla Carmen

Old Church at Bahia Salinas

Inside the church looking out to the bay

Bahia Salinas was once a large salt mining operation that exported worldwide. The salt production shut down in the 1980's and all that remains is a small hunting camp and lots of old buildings that are slowly falling into ruin

Salt ponds

the old ruins make for some great photos and it is interesting to poke around and wonder about the people who used to work here

Andrea with the bay and the Nordic in the background

Possible office building? Inside we found lots of old paper, a safe and a typewriter

After returning to Puerto Escondido from Bahia Salinas, we have picked up Russel, Stacey, Dani and Sarah for a little tour. Dani was able to join us for five days; Sarah for one. Dani, Sarah and I had an interesting road trip driving from Loreto to Agua Verde where we caught up with the boat and her crew. That story is for another blog!!
This shot was taken in Agua Verde, a small fishing village

the girls, all in uniform enjoying breakfast topside in Agua Verde

Dani enjoying a brewski relaxing in the "boom chair" The chair is suspended from the end of the boom and then is swung out over the edge of the boat. Quite enjoyable!!

Sun rising with the full moon still high in the sky I am so grateful for the wonderful beauty here. It is truly amazing
Stacey at the helm

Dani at the helm with Russel co-piloting

Isla San Jose at Bahia Amortajada
Sherpa? The water was too shallow to paddle; russel and I didn't have any shoes!!

Small stingray in the lagoon at Isla San Jose This is one of the reasons you need to have some foot wear!!

Twin engines helping us cruise back out of the lagoon at Bahia Amortajada on Isla San Jose

Sunrise shot at Bahia San Franscisco

Stacey returning from her swim with the sea lions off Los Islotes. Stacey and Andrea swam and played with the sea lion for about an hour. I don't have any pictures of them with the sea lions, but when I get some from the girl's cameras, I will post some!!

Isla Los Islotes where Andrea and Stacey swam with the sea lions

Dani and Stacey at Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Ispiritu Santo

Strange sighting behind the Nordic V !!!

Cruising around in our new boat!!

Let me tell ya about this boat......

The girls in pink are enjoying 34 knots and cold cervesas!!!

Okay, it is not our new boat. The morning after we landed in La Paz, we ran into a good friend on the dock. He invited us out to cruise in his beautiful yacht Ares. He is staying here in La Paz until the end of spring and will bring the boat north for our summer The yacht handles like a speed boat and it was fun to go for a burn in her!!!

Yep, that's right!! Leave is up to Russel to find a casino !! We were driving around on my birthday when we came across this place. It was a hoot to play on machines that had spanish recordings and buttons!!

Stacey, me and Russel on my birthday in front of the casino

Last night for Russel and Stacey before they head back to Vancouver. We all stayed at the Hotel de le Flores. Beautiful hotel with a rooftop pool!!

Topside is Russel, Peter and Blake

The hotel is nicely decorated with a lot of plants, pottery and interesting architecture

View from the hotel

Remember that little fender bender I wrote about earlier?

I guess we can tell by this picture who was driving!!!!!

It is hard to say goodbye to everyone as their visits end and they go home. The mornings are not the same without everyone singing to "rambling blues" by the "be good tanyas" Or playing "spite and mailice" for ridiculous trophy titles" (yes Andrea, we are coming for your title!!) We look forward to our next visitors and more adventures.
We will be in the boat yard for a couple of days and then we will head over to Topolobampo, a bay near the city of Los Mochis. There we will meet up with my cousin Dave and his wife Joan and wend our way south to Mazatlan. I will try to post whenever the internet permits.
blog you all later!!

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