Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back in Puerto Escondido

Here we are heading back to Puerto Escondido after New Years. Our crew has grown to include Oren Frey (a co-worker of Liz, Irene and Sarah). We picked up Sarah in Mulege (just south of Santa Rosalia and we now have 6 of us on board and we are having a ball.

We landed back in Puerto Escondido on Jan 6th. Irene is departing Mexico and heading back home to Memphis and then flying on to Guatemala to do a six month tour with Habitat for Humanity. We will miss her sense of adventure and humour. Sarah is employed as a kayak guide here in Loreto and she heads back to work on the 10th (today) It is nice that we will get to still see Sarah from time to time. Liz has joined Sarah for a couple of days before she also leaves Mexico to go home to San Francisco. We will miss Liz's adventurous spirit as well and all the music. It was good fun having all three of the Misty girls on board. Oren has headed back to the U. S. as well. It was a pleasure having him aboard!! For the next few days we will regroup the boat and get a few repairs done. The windlass has not been working but because we have had so much willing crew we have not fixed it. It needs to be fixed now because I prefer to haul anchor with a motor rather than manually. Such a princess!!

We will have more company arriving on the 15th of January. Russel and Stacie from Vancouver will be staying with us for 10 days and we are looking forward to seeing them.
We will keep you posted with pictures of their visit. We hope to get out and see some whales. Might have to travel a little further south as the weather is still a little cool and they are not this far north yet.

Enjoy the pictures; blog ya later!!

Oren on the helm heading to Mulege to pick up Sarah
Sea caves between Mulege and San Juanico
Me at the helm; quite a serious position!!

Putting up the spinnaker heading to San Juanico

Spinnaker up; thanks Liz and Sarah

Sailing into San Juanico bay

Clam dinner; yum!!

Heading into shore for a little hike; yep that's right there are five in the dinghy and the outboard decides not to run. Lots of room to row!! That's boatin' for ya!!!

Beautiful scenery here in San Juanico

Unusual rock patterns. I have no idea what kind of rock this is but it sure is interesting to look at.

We went on a long hike up into the hills overlooking San Juanico. The Nordic V is the boat on the right. Blake and Liz stayed behind to do anchor watch

Breathtaking views; worth the hike!!

Walking back up the mountain heading back to the boat

sunrise at San Juanico bay It is worth getting up at 6 am to witness this kind of beauty.

Our three amigas heading off on their next adventures. We will miss you all!!


  1. hey guys, nice to see the update! thanks for a great and memorable week. I made it home and am already on day 3 of new job in Monterey. Cathy - send me some more pics of the hike + lip synch competition 2011 when you get a chance!

  2. B&C
    Back on the hard, wore off the Loreto steak on the crossing back to San Carlos, 21 hour motorsail into a 20- 35 knot northerly
    Where do we send you a pic?.
    Jim & Linda
    SV Bright Moments