Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Internet; Here come the pictures!!

Nice to see the family name on a street in San Diego Just a little beach combing and leg stretching

Mexico here we come!!

Comong down the hill into Ensendada, the first big city on th Baja

A little roadside cafe between San Quintin and Santa Rosalia

The kitchen in most of these little restuarants are just household size. These ladies sure can put out some good food!!

Small roadside gas station. There are larger stations but we weren't sure when the next one was going to be so we purchased gas from this fellow.

Driving across the mountains from the Pacific side to the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja

In the boat yard getting Nordic V ready for the water. Our buddies Irene and Liz lending a helping hand

Big job taking out all the gear and clean it all up and restow it all. Nice when it is all done!!

More shots of the drive down.

This is Liz sizing up the next job, which is to climb the mast to tie on the roller furling rigging

Thank you Liz!!

Splashing in, getting ready to head out the day before Xmas

Xmas party with the fleet at Peurto Escondido

Of course, no Xmas party is complete without a pinata!!

Xmas day Isla San Cosme Exchanging gifts with Liz and Irene xmas morning

Xmas day raft up party with the fleet at Peurto Escondido

More raft up xmas day

Bahia San juanico on our way up to Santa Rosalia

This booby bird flew alongside us trying to land to take a rest and finally succeeded by landing on the kayak. he sat there for awhile until he slid off the kayak backwards.

We have landed at Santa Rosalia and are excited to do more exploring around this very cool town. We poked around the village today and tomorrow will try to find the museum and maybe tour a library that was created in the name of Mahatma Ghandi. Apparently he lived here for a number of years and there is some photographic history as well as some signed books. I will update the blog one more time before we leave this area with some local pictures.
Blog ya all later!!
Feliz Ano Neuvo!!
Team Nordic V

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