Friday, February 4, 2011

Pirate Girl Returns!!

We have all been wondering where pirate girl has been and she is not sharing her story. All she said is that she has to "re-provision" and head off to the south seas. Not sure what all this meant until we got the following pictures.......

"Hey pirate girl; those are our muffins"!! Pirate has made a new friend. Loreto loves to drink Tequila!!
Pirate Girl and all the old gang. Wait a minute! what is gecko up to?

I'm getting out of here!! Aarr!!!

Sailing the sea single handed. Pirate girl has a new ship and is off to unknown places. bye pirate girl!!

Oh no!! What is gecko up to now?

Shipwrecked!! Pirate girl has got herself into some trouble now. Is the ooga booga guy friendly? Is that a giant frog in the background? Is that a BEAR?!!!! Wake up pirate girl!!!

Stay tuned.........

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