Sunday, December 12, 2010

On The Road Again!!

Early Xmas !!
We enjoyed an early Xmas with the kids in Parksville, Vancouver Island

Woo Hoo!!!

Blake's parents feed the deer all winter right by their home in Fort St. James British Columbia

Stuart Lake Fort St. James

Sunset Stuart Lake

Driving the Coquihalla Highway between Kamloops heading towards Vancouver for our final day before leaving for Lake Joy

More beautiful BC!!

We have arrived at Minney's in Newport. We are just a little early and we are looking forward to see Sherry. We became good friends last year when we spent almost 2 weeks shopping here. This store has almost anything you would need for any second hand parts you may need!! We picked up 2 new sails, a new cruising book, and all the pieces we need to create a davit system for our dinghy.

No Blake, you can't go in yet!!

Well everyone, the time has rolled around again!! After some teary goodbyes to the kids, the Crew of Nordic V are on the move and heading for Mexico!! Currently, we are in Newport Beach, California and will head down the Baja on Tuesday morning. We began our trip with a little cruise northward to Blake's parents in Fort St. James in northern BC. After that, we headed south to visit our new friends in Carnation Washington (Lake Joy to be exact). Cathy, Jeanette and Cindy greeted us with the delight people have when you have not seen them in awhile. They fed us a beautiful meal, and we left Lake Joy the next morning headed to Astoria. We met up with a cruisin' buddy there, spent the night on her boat and head to southern California.

The temp. is up around 20 degrees and we are lovin' the warm air. We are looking forward to another fun-filled winter in the Sea of Cortez. Our young friends from the Misty Moonlight are waiting for us to return and we plan to spend more time sailing/playing with them. We look forward to reconnecting with all the folks from the Hidden Port Yacht Club in Peurto Escondido.

I will sign out for now, hope everyone is well and healthy and ready for Xmas. Special thoughts to my niece Shayla who is due to have her baby today!! Once again, the invitation is sent out to all of you to come and spend some time with us on the Baja. We have a vehicle in Mexico this trip. Just fly into Loreto and you will have vehicle to come and find us and hop on board!!
Cathy and Blake
Nordic V

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