Friday, April 2, 2010


The town of Loreto is just north of Peurto Escondido where we are anchored. The port is a huge anchorage and there are many ways to get into town, including hitching with year round residents. People are generous with their rides and local advice. Our spanish is not improving though as most people speak english. We have not moved past one word sentences and pantomime!!

Open market in Loreto
Blanket weaver in the Loreto open market. He will weave any pattern you ask him to.
Fruteria in Loreto

Loreto Mission Church circa 1659

I received permission from this lady to take her picture as she rested in front of the mission

Every sunday there is a big open market where farmers bring their produce, local stores bring their wares and vendors sell tacos, burritos and hamburguesas. The veggies are cheap and fresh and delicious!!

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    Would love to talk in person, maybe in a month or so.

    this is my YouTube page with photos and video of our trip..