Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the water and sailing about

Hello Everyone

We arrived in Peurto Escondido a week before Xmas and joined in on the festivities going on around the harbour. We are reunited with our sailing companions from the Misty Moonlight and they have joined us to cruise for a few weeks. We sailed out of Peurto Escondido for Honeymoon Cove on the 23, spent the night and headed Bahia Cosme for Xmas Eve. At Bahia Cosme there are some hot springs (actually, we think it is hot air that heats the water) and at low tide a tidal pool is left to heat up to about 102 degrees. It is quite lovely to relax in the pool.
We anchored at Isla Cosme for Xmas Eve. Xmas morning was sunny and beautiful and we exchanged gifts with Liz and Irene. We enjoyed a Xmas breakfast complete with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, stuffing and tortillas. We managed to cook a 25 lb turkey in our oven; deboned of course!! It barely fit, but it turned out great!!

We returned to Peurto Escondido for the remainder of Xmas day and joined the local fleet for a big raft up party. There was plenty of ho ho-ing and good times. There is a really great group that live year round in Peurto Escondido and we have come to know them well.

Boxing day had us heading north toward Santa Rosalia where we will spend New Year's Eve. As it is a 119 NM trip, we are doing the journey in hops. We spent our first night on Isla Coronado, left the next morning and sailed up to San Juanico. At San Juanico we met up with some other cruisers and had a little party on the beach. We have made plans to meet up with them in Santa Rosalia for New Years.

The following morning we sailed up to San Sebastion where we currently as I write this blog. If the weather is good, we should made Santa Rosalia tomorrow, the 29th. We plan to spend a few days looking around Santa Rosalia. The town has a long history with many things to look at. One of the landmarks is an iron church designed by Eiffel. Apparently the church was commissioned to be built for the 1896 worlds fair and then sent to Santa Rosalia in 1897.

When I have some stronger internet, I will post some pictures.

Nordic V signing off.....

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