Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Quintin Bay

My birthday party
Even with the storm raging outside, the birthday must go on!!

From left to right: Sarah, Me, Liz and Irene. Our friends from Misty Moonlight.

Blake out in the storm that struck us for 3 days in San Quintin Bay. We clocked the wind at 44 knots. Quite exciting and just a little stressful....

Beautiful San Quintin Bay with out the storm. Looks just a little different....

Sandy beach, warm sun and a gentle breeze; sighhhh........
During our stay here (four days) we saw humpback whales continuously. San Quintin lagoon is one of many lagoons along the Baja where the whales come annually to give birth to their babies. They travel over 1500 miles to come here. It was rare to not see a whale and they were so close to us we could smell their breath - pretty stinky!!

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