Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did I mention that the girls had a few boat troubles? Well, it kinda goes like this...
Electrolysis had ravaged their prop shaft strut and the shaft came loose just south of Turtle Bay. Blake and I gave them a tow into the bay and gave assistance where we could with the repair. When they were removing the strut from the boat to fix it, a little more bad luck came their way. The bearing that holds the shaft in place kinda fell out and sank to the bottom. While Blake and Sarah rebuilt the strut with spare pieces of steel from the Nordic and the use of a shop in town, Irene (along with some local lobster fishermen) dove for the missing bearing. Kinda like a needle in a hay stack but luck was with the girls and one of the divers found the bearing. Not a dry eye in the house!! About the time the bearing was found, Blake and Sarah had finished rebuilding the strut and the repair was able to happen.

With the help of a local fish boat, Misty was lifted out of the water and Irene, Liz, Sarah and Blake completed the repair.

Happy team after all repairs were made and we were leaving Turtle Bay bound for Magdalena Bay

Nothing like a little bakery stop after a lengthy underwater boat repair
Bahia de Tortuga (turtle bay)
We stayed here for 3 nights.

Side streets in Turtle Bay. Population here is about 200 people

More Turtle Bay.

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