Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are in Mexico!!

Hola everyone!!

We are in Bahia de Tortuga (Turtle Bay). This small village is 210 miles south of Ensenada. We travelled from Ensenada on the 16th of January and sailed south 65 miles to San Quintin Bay. We waited out a 3-day storm while we were anchored there. The wind was clocked at 44 knots and the five boats anchored had an interesting three days to say the least!! One boat lost it's anchor and careened through the anchorage helpless to do anything. Miraculously, she did not hit anyone, and a man from the boat Elixir was able to get an anchor and rope to the boat before it hit the shore. Quite alot of excitement to say the least!! It turned out that the storm flooded the village of San Quintin, knocked out 2 bridges and cut off the village from outside roads. They called a state of emergency and the army was on site helping with repairs. We walked into town after the main storm had blown through for a few groceries. We found a ride with a young man and his wife and they gave us a ride into town and then as far back as they could on the washed out roads.

We left San Quintin on Jan. 23 and sailed the 160 miles to Turtle Bay. We are leaving today for Magdalena Bay and should arrive in 2 days time. There are many stories to relate, but we need to get going on our way to Mag bay. I will give a full report when we get to Cabo San Lucas, which our destination after Magdalena Bay.

Adios Amigas!!

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