Thursday, January 14, 2010

Once there was a store named Minneys.....

I am writing this today as I sit in San Diego harbour while Blake takes care of our cruising discharge from the united states. Upon his return, we will head off to Mexico!!! Ensenada is 69 miles south of San Diego which is an easy day sail away. Once into Mexico, I do not know how often we will have access to internet, but we will try to keep you as updated as possible.
Now on to the story about Minneys...
This new and used marine store is every mariners dream. They have just about every part a sailor could possibly want and then some. The prices and selection are second to none that we have come across so far in our travels. Blake thought he had died and gone to heaven. Jeff and sherry helped us until we had spent so much time there they were asking us where stuff was...

See anything you like?

Blake bought the pieces to create a new bow roller - total cost of pieces - $68. - 00 new cost 359.00 - Look on Blake's face when he had the finished bow roller - priceless!!(picture coming soon)

We spent so much time there at Minneys they gave us T-shirts!!

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  1. Hey, Guys! Just read the blog...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We miss you guys so much. I was so sad when you left. We all were and we speak of you daily (I won't tell you what we say). Your adventure looks absolutely awesome! We'll be following you now. I was blessed with my beautiful granddaughter Feb. 2nd. She's gorgeous, of course! Love you, miss you, be safe, well and blessed. XOX, Sherry & crew