Saturday, October 24, 2009

Victoria to Port Angeles to Neah Bay

Too much india pale ale Pirate girl should stick to rum

We left Victoria on Oct. 22 to head out to Port Angeles to check into U.S. customs. Part way there I read in one of the books we had that we could check into Neah Bay so we decided to go straight there. Arrived into Neah Bay at 11 pm in a heavy rain storm only to find that we could not check in there and had to go back to Port Angeles. Spent the night in Neah Bay illegally and headed back to Port Angeles in the morning. The weather kicked up pretty good around 3:30 with 30 - 35 knot westerlies and we got tossed around pretty good going into Port Angeles harbour. Arrived into Boat Haven marina at 7 pm and the customs agent met us at the dock. She was a very pleasant woman and we had no problem checking in. She gave us our cruising documents within the hour and we were set to go.

Left Port Angeles the next morning and cruised up to Neah Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day with no sign of the day before's weather. We arrived into Neah Bay at 7pm, enjoyed a nice dinner of roasted root veggies and cabbage flats (like rolls only flat). We walked around Neah Bay a little and looked up the fella that bought our first boat "Secure". He still owns her and fishes her in the summer. He came for a visit and it was nice to talk to him.

We are having an issue with our running lights. Twice now they have heated up burned out. Blake is trying to trouble shoot the problem so we can leave tomorrow and head south. The weather is good for us to go, and we are thinking we may go straight to San Franscisco. We have to solve this electrical issue first; we can't run at night without our navigation lights. More on this later.....

Problem solved, the old wire was shorting out, Blake will run a new wire to the lights and we are off!!

Kim is hoping her motion sickness will help her lose 85 pounds so she can eat nothing but pastries and french fries when we get to San Franscisco!! Nothing like a goal.

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