Wednesday, October 21, 2009

still waiting for the weather

Hi folks

We are in Victoria Harbour (James Bay) waiting for this low to blow through and for the effects of hurricane rick on the swell heights to subside.

We left Ganges harbour on October 19 at 2pm (1400 hours if you like) and arrived at James Bay at 7:40 pm. The tide gave us a nice kick around the point and we were doing 9 knots (no wind) coming across the headlands by Beacon Hill park. We will be leaving today to go over to Port Angeles to check in and then up to Neah Bay tomorrow (Oct. 22) We may have to wait there a few more days as another stronger low is forecast for Friday. We shall see what Mother Nature wants to do.

In spite of the hold up, we are having a good time puttering around Victoria. Bought our Halloween costumes this morning at Value Village and some more fishing lures at Capital Iron. Love that store!!

We have taken on a new crew member. As she likes to remain relatively anonymous, for now I can only refer to her as "pirate girl" We have been having alot of fun with her; watch for pictures and stories about her adventures with us!!

That's it for now, post you later!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Guys,
    I love your "Roaming Gnome"!!! Can't wait for your next entry to see where he travels to next!
    We'll see you this winter down south, we're going home for Christmas so maybe March for my birthday?