Monday, March 14, 2011

Topolobampo to Puerto Vallarta

Well everyone, we have done a lot of travelling since our last update. We are now in Puerto Vallarta, but we made many stops along the way. As usual, we have taken lots of pictures to tell the story for us....
Isla Santa Maria, near topolobampo A new all inclusive we read about, I think it might need a little work though!!

A little mat making to help pass some time while we waited for the winds to calm

It's easy, just run the rope through here, pull like this, twist this way....

Not as easy as you might think, this mat making!!

Sunset at Isla Santa Maria

A little early morning visit from the local navy

these guys were all business at first and then they warmed up to us, enjoyed
coffee and we had a great visit with them Cruising in a mangrove swamp this shot is of an egret

This is pechocho, an orphaned dolphin that lives in a lagoon near topolobampo. He has lived there for 18 years and is quite tame. If he doesn't want to visit with you, he picks up a stick and you wait for him to drop the stick. Once he has dropped his stick, he will come over to your boat and let you pet him

Kim petting Pechocho

More Malecon in Mazatlan

Large open style market in old city Mazatlan where they sell just about everything

Yep, everything!!

Thought we would stop here and have a bite at my niece's cafe!!

We are now in a warmer part of Mexico and are beginning to see different animals. This iguana was sunning itself just off the walkway near the marina

Heading off to carnaval

Margarita booths are a big part of the entertainment at carnaval

Getting into the spirit of carnaval. We had a ball!!

this is what a half million people in celebration look like!!

Away from the crowds of carnaval and back out to sea. We had an amazing day of fishing, caught 4 tuna and 1 dorado
Blake bringing in a big tuna
Fishing village at Isla Isabel

Iguanas at Isla Isabel
Blue footed boobies near their nest

Not sure of the name of these gulls, but Isla Isabel is home to thousands of birds and quite a number of varieties. It is near the end of nesting time, and most of the babies are getting ready to leave the nests
Male frigate birds have a bright red breast that they puff up to show off or as part of their defense

we took a panga tour through a jungle area in San Blas near a little village called Matanchen

American crocodiles. these guys can get up to 850 lbs

We saw lots of turtles. Not sure of the variety, they are different from the big sea turtles we were seeing

Big seafood feed at San Blas

Woops, same picture!!

Kim and Jack's last night. We were at a beachside restaurant at Bucerias. Nice little town that we intend on going back to and spending some more time

Once again, we have been having lots of adventure as we journey south. We plan on heading to Manzanillo next and then working our way back north to put the boat back on the hard before we return to Canada for another work season. I will post more pictures and stories when I next have some to share!!
Blog ya later
the crew of the Nordic V

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  1. We just saw Blake in Discovery Hrbr Marina, so I'm guessing y'all are in-between cruising and working. What a treat to find an old acquaintance and your blog. I'll enjoy your archives while we head north to Alaska's colder climate. My blog posts will have grayer skies and very different wildlife.
    Hugs from Ron and Dee, M/V Rhapsody.