Monday, March 15, 2010

Isla Espiritu Santo to San Evaristo

Part of the reason for us to go on this sailing journey was to meet people and share stories. We met Jane, Simon, Hugo and Ethan on Elixir in San Quintin on the outside of the Baha waaay back in January! We have been bumping into them as both our boats travelled down the Baja and up into the Sea of Cortez. Elixir is a 48 - 51 foot catamaran and the family is travelling to Australia. We enjoyed spending time with them and playing with the kids. My hat is off to Jane and Simon undertaking such a challenging journey with a 3 year old and an 18 month old. They are from Australia so we hope to see them again when we get over there !!

As we travel up the Sea, I am amazed at the varied and continuous beauty of the bays and islands we are stopping at. Each one has something new to explore from cool cactus to unique tiendas (little stores) and friendly locals. I am so grateful for the evolution of the camera from film to digital!! I can click away with out any concern. Everything looks picture worthy; it is hard to stop taking shots.

We are currently in a small bay called Honeymoon Cove across from Peurto Escondito. For some reason we can get internet; even though we ARE out in the boonies!! (?) I am trying to get caught up on the blog so everyone knows where we are. Today's date is March 15 and we are having some quiet time with our young buddies from the Misty Moonlight. Time is closing in on them and we are spending a few days together before they head back to La Paz and back to their working lives. Time closes in on us as well and we haven't even touched the tip of the exploration iceberg !!

Our plans for the next few days are to explore a bay called Agua Verde and then it will be time to part company with Misty. I try not to think about our departure from them; they have become like daughters to us and we are going to miss them immensely. We have spent alot of time together and I can't count the laughs there have so many. We have made some tentative plans to see them in the future; when and where will be determined. They have touched our hearts and we look forward to more trips with them in the future.

We will head north to Bahia Concepcion to investigate that area to finish our trip for this year. We will meet up with some folks we met in Peurto Escondido and sail with them before we make our way back to Peurto Escondido where we will leave the boat for this year.
We will leave Honeymoon Cove tomorrow and will be away from internet service for a bit. Hoping this finds everyone healthy, happy and ready for more blog news as the Nordic V wends her way to her most northern destination on this; our first trip around the Sea of Cortez.

Old pearl farm in Bahia San Gabriel Isla Espiritu Santo

More ruins at San Garbriel

Mangrove swamp at Bahia Amortajada on Isla San Jose

It was that we decided we needed to have a holiday so the crew on Misty Moonlight proclaimed March 1st as Cactus Day. We all celebrated at the beach on Isla San Francisco with afternoon appies. Pictured is Sarah from Misty Moonlight and Neil from Rootea

Bahia San Evaristo

Simon, Jane, Hugo and Ethan from Elixir. Blake from Nordic V

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