Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pirate Girl cleans up - almost!!

When we last left Pirate Girl things were looking pretty grim. But pirate girl didn't let gecko get to her for long, and she was out and about in no time full of swashbuckling spirit!!

"My new drink of choice" says Pirate GirlVisiting the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria
Pirate Girl goes for a spa treatment

About to get her legs done

Visiting the museum (things are looking up for Pirate Girl aren't they)

She gets invited to another boat for appetizers and wine - will she stick to pop?

Let me at that grub

I mean, this looks divine

Pirate girls's new friend Barb

Uh oh, looks like Pirate girl fell off the wagon - I think that Barb is a bad influence!

Pirate Girl and Barb at the Triangle

Pirate girl cuts loose with a little sword action

Hey The guys are back!!

Pirate girls' new guy Randy. He poaches poachers for a living. Her kind of guy

Things goes just a little off the rail at the triangle. So much for high society; this is waaay more fun....

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