Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hold out for weather they say, well they are right.

Well it is my turn to write something, Hello friends and Family, We have learned that opinions are like as- h--es and most people have one and want to share it, we are making our way to Mexico and will be there when the weather lets us. We are 5 days travel to San Francisco and 72 hours if we decide to go off shore and B line it 24 hours a day. We will decide when the weather breaks what is the safest for boat and crew to go south. kim went home and will be back to work after seeing our newborn niece in Prince George (Nora ) Janna's new baby.

Thank you Kim for all of the help and fun that we had in the last 4 weeks, We love you.

We picked up a new weather program that is put out by XM and Serious Radio called XM WX and it has been very helpful in making the right decisions on safe travel.
I spent an hour with the US Coast Guard in Lapush to learn about the shallow and deep bars that are in front of all of the shelter points from Lapush and San franscisco bay, After San Fran the Trades will be with us and we will be able to set some canvas and turn up the music. That is where I will be able to really relax and start to holiday. Almost every locker in the Nordic is full of new parts, hardware, sinks, stainless counters, radios, lures, ropes and the list goes on of stuff bought when i had money and no time to complete all of the finishing touch's on the Nordic. Now with the weather delays we are getting to all of the small things that needed to be done. In the last two weeks I actully found myself sitting doing nothing at all. The Nordic is in fine shape and will pack us many miles in safety. We have met a lot of people and have heard some very interesting stories of Ocean travel and cool places. We plan on being on the Nordic until April of 2010 at least and will be back in Canada for xmas with family. We have no plans to race anywhere and take chances on getting beat up by mother nature, we make the best of each day and I think of friends and Family throughout the days. We would like to offer the Nordic V to anyone that would like to come and enjoy her with us wherever we are, Contact us on the Blog or My cell #250 202 0102 will be on until we get to Mexico. We are presently in Grays Harbour 40 miles north of the Columbia river and will be out of here as soon as we can. If anyone is into deck hand for part of the trip we have room and welcome you. I have been talked into trying a pair of "SWEAT PANTS " well you don"t want to know what I think of sweat pants, the name grosses me out but I have them and will try them out, so watch for a picture of the "Sweat" pant.

We hope all of you are well,

Till next time Cheers


  1. Greetings from foreversummer!
    Glad to see things are going good. We check every day to see your progress. The weather here has been crap. We had a huge wind storm the other night.Gusting into the 90's.
    May the wind be at your back soon.
    Gary and Maureen